Web Panel: Considerations for K-12 School Choice Programs


School choice programs take many forms, widely varying within and across states. These myriad programs, such as charter schools, magnet schools, and voucher programs, have myriad impacts on students’ experiences and later success, and can be a tool to improve or hinder equity goals. To best serve students, we must consider two key concepts:

  1. Who can, or cannot, access these programs, and how that affects the child and their family (with particular attention to marginalized communities).
  2. How can we learn from these programs to promote children’s educational success.

The guest speakers will describe the range of public school settings and discuss research-based strategies for leveraging opportunities to improve educational systems, in access, quality, and success.


Guest Speakers:

Dr. Kevin Welner, Dr. Erica Frankenberg, and Lorraine Blatt


Zoom Webinar:

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