Web Panel: Reversing the Teacher Workforce Shortage: Recommendations for Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Workforce

July 22, 2022

Panelists: Dr. Adrienne Dixson, Dr. Jeremy Garcia, Dr. Javier Lopez, and Dr. Angela Valenzuela

Description: There has been a steady and significant decline of enrollment in teacher preparation programs over the past decade, with the most pronounced consequences for schools located in urban and rural Title I districts. These schools have had to resort to employing uncertified teachers at four times the rate of suburban schools and also employ teachers with fewer experiences that are predictive of their retention. This panel will discuss four prominent problems contributing to the high rates of turnover and declining enrollments in teacher workforce development: 1. recruitment, 2. development of teacher training programs, 3. matriculation, and 4. retention. A particular focus will be on how these barriers disproportionately affect under-served communities, including Black, Indigenous, Latine, rural, and urban communities. Speakers will also discuss evidence as it relates to “Grow Your Own” programs in each of these communities. Research-based recommendations to address the teacher workforce dilemma will be discussed.